What is the warranty? All GUTS products are warranted for life on manufacturing defects. There is no warranty for normal wear and tear, which will be determined by 3LS inc. 3LS reserves the right to repair or replace any product covered under this warranty.


Will my flashlight or camera fit or other stuff fit? GUTS HM1 will accommodate nearly any shape of AA or AAA flashlight, bullet camera, tool or combination of tools ranging in size from ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter.


What is it made of? HM1 is a premium product with a patent pending design consisting of an aircraft grade aluminum base, which securely mounts to the helmet using (2) stainless steel set screw. The Quickstrap™ is created from ARA-shield® a fire resistant material by TenCate. The hook and loop which secures the strap is also FR rated. In short the Quickstrap™ is made from the same materials used in a Firefighter’s bunker gear.


How to become a Distributor? If you are interested in distributor opportunities, please send your request, information and questions to Kris.Nagy@3LSinc.com.