1 Mount

Multiple Soultions


LOW PROFILE: Reduces entanglement potential.


ADJUSTABLE: Fits items ranging from ¼ to 1 ½ inches in diameter.


ADAPTABLE: Quick and easy deployment allows you to remove your light from your helmet to use as a hand light letting you see in tight spaces large hand lights can’t.


COST EFFECTIVE: As your equipment needs change, GUTS HM1 can handle the changes. There is no need to spend money to replace mounting brackets as GUTS HM1 is not dedicated to a specific shape or diameter flashlight or camera.

MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Mount where you want, above or below the brim and even the front or back.


FRONT MOUNTING (INDUSTRY FIRST): Use in conjunction with a Streamlight  PolyTac 90 to shine light where it’s critical to see. Adjust the light by rotating it up or down (even with a gloved hand). Front mounting is great for extrication as you can clearly see at night what you are spreading or cutting. During a building search adjust the light to see right in front of you. It also makes starting an IV in low light so much easier.


WIDE PLATFORM: 2 inch wide aluminum platform provides a solid contact point with your helmet.